Solutions tailored to territorial challenges

As a committed regional player, we have a comprehensive expertise across the entire value chain of energy projects. Our proven expertise in rooftop photovoltaics enables us to offer solutions tailored to each specific challenge.

Rooftop Photovoltaic, our signature solution

Rooftop photovoltaic is our signature solution. It’s the best representation of our expertise and perfectly illustrates our beliefs:

  • These projects preserve space and add value to existing assets by transforming them into useful covered areas for the benefit of our partners.
  • They are sustainable constructions serving the territories.
  • These projects make sense both economically and from the perspective of fighting climate change.

Roofing multi-experts

  • We offer solutions for farmers, local authorities, and professionals & industrials.
  • We support them in all aspects:
    • products (barns, greenhouses, etc.)
    • economic models (self-consumption, CRE tenders, etc.)
    • technical aspects (waterproofing control, innovation)

We offer several economic and technical models for buildings of 500 m² or more.

500 rooftop photovoltaic projects in operation


500 rooftop photovoltaic projects under development

Our achievements

Agricultural and industrial rooftops

Whether new or in need of renovation, you can install photovoltaic panels on your roof to enhance its value: a quality, sustainable, and turnkey installation to make use of an (already) available space.

Solar carports

To enhance and modernize your parking areas, opt for photovoltaic carports and actively participate in the energy transition.


Choose an innovative, high-performing, and proven agricultural tool. Through solid partnerships, Volta offers flexible layouts for optimal cultivation conditions: temperature and humidity control, extended production cycles, better water management with rainwater collection and storage, operational comfort, etc.


If your activity generates a significant demand for electricity, consider setting up a self-consumption photovoltaic plant: Volta takes care of the entire setup and sells you the electricity, allowing you to directly benefit from decarbonized, competitive, local energy for a duration of 10 to 20 years.

Waterproofing expertise

In early 2024, Volta acquired a specialist in roof waterproofing. Through this acquisition, Volta added a new roofing expertise hub with the goal of mastering all the skills necessary for a reasoned and long-term development of solar roofs.

And also… Reasoned agrivoltaics

In parallel with its historical activities, Volta also supports agricultural operators through innovative projects that allow them to maintain their activity and adapt to climate changes.

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