The Volta Group

As an independent French renewable energy producer, we work towards the energy transition by developing low environmental impact projects for territories.

Our vision

  • Our group is firmly committed to the energy transition of French territories and manages rooftop solar and wind projects.
  • Close to the projects we support in the various regions through our local teams, we are convinced that they must be meaningful, with tangible positive economic and environmental impacts.
  • As trusted partners of the communities and businesses we assist, we are driven by a long-term vision.
  • Our solutions are naturally respectful of the environment, with a constant aim to preserve what already exists.

Volta in numbers

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Our story, 10 years of commitment

Birth of an independent energy producer

With the support of Ophiliam, Volta builds its first photovoltaic power plants and operates them for its own account.

Innovation and Development

Major partnerships with leading players to innovate and develop innovations in wind energy, particularly in the field of "repowering".

A new momentum

With the backing of the Eiffel group through a €20 million fundraising, the group aims at being a fully integrated developer and producer.

A change of scale

New fundraising of €40 million, notably from Tilt Capital, accompanied by BPI and Crédit Agricole IdF, to accelerate growth.

Our international presence, meaningful projects

Supporting energy production in overseas territories

Supporting energy production in overseas territories

Historically, the Volta group has developed strong expertise in photovoltaic projects in non-interconnected zones (ZNI), with a particular focus on assets with storage. Volta operates several storage power plants, notably in Mayotte and Corsica. This high-value market segment offers both environmental and economic benefits: these projects enable decarbonized energy production and contribute to the energy independence of the territories, where they replace costly thermal electric generators with a high carbon footprint.

Decarbonization in Poland

Decarbonization in Poland

Since 2021, Volta has been present in Poland to contribute to the energy transition of a country whose electricity production is the most carbon-intensive in Europe. Our subsidiary, Volta Polska, focuses on ground-mounted and rooftop photovoltaic projects as well as wind energy projects.
Volta Polska

Energy independence in Sri Lanka

Energy independence in Sri Lanka

Since 2021, the group has developed a partnership with Gaia, through which it develops, finances, and constructs a portfolio of several hundred MW of projects, each with a capacity of 40kWp, on schools. Through this ambitious partnership, Volta contributes to strengthening the energy independence of this territory by participating in the creation of numerous jobs and providing economic benefits to the school system.

They make Volta Group

Our teams

Office of Rennes
Equipe Volta de Paris
Office of Paris
Office of Varsovia
Office of Mérignac
Equipe Corbières Volta
Office of Corbières
Office of Gdansk

Our governance

Pierrick Morier - Volta

Pierrick Morier

& Co-founder

Benoit Duval Volta

Benoît Duval

Managing Director
& Co-founder

Cédric Tillier

Administrative and Financial

Philippe Reynard

Philippe Reynard

Chief Operating

Our current shareholders

Alongside the two co-founders, the following investment funds are supporting the development of the Volta Group.

Our commitments to the environment

Environmental policy is at the heart of Volta’s strategy as it seeks to :

  • Actively participate in the increase of renewable electricity production capacity in mainland France in order to contribute to the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.
  • Develop renewable energy projects abroad and in overseas territories in order to drive decarbonisation in local economies.


As a key player in the energy transition, Volta has identified 4 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as particular areas of focus :

Goal 7

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Goal 9

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Goal 13

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
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The Volta Group adapts to each market and territory with innovative solutions tailor made to suit their respective environments, from solar farm sheds to storage power plants to wind power repowering.

Audacity & Commitment

Operating in areas where the use of renewable energy is key to reducing carbon footprint, the Volta Group participates in the implementation of innovative technical solutions aimed at actively contributing to the energy transition.


With nearly fifteen years experience working across the entire value chain (development, construction, financing, operations) on innovative projects (storage, PPA, repowering, etc.), the Volta Group commands a unique, vast and valuable knowledge base in its sector.

Do you identify with our values and want to join us?

Do you identify with our values and want to join us?