Energy solutions for territories

As an independent French renewable energy producer,
the Volta Group is a committed player in the energy transition


The Volta Group adapts to each market and territory with innovative solutions tailor made to suit their respective environments, from solar farm sheds to storage power plants to wind power repowering.

Audacity & Commitment

Operating in areas where the use of renewable energy is key to reducing carbon footprint, the Volta Group participates in the implementation of innovative technical solutions aimed at actively contributing to the energy transition.


With nearly fifteen years experience working across the entire value chain (development, construction, financing, operations) on innovative projects (storage, PPA, repowering, etc.), the Volta Group commands a unique, vast and valuable knowledge base in its sector.

Areas of activity

power plants

Ground-mounted, on buildings and roof structures.

Wind power
and repowering

Optimisation of existing sites.

and International

Indian Ocean, Poland and Sri Lanka.

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