The Volta Group has comprehensive expertise across the entire value chain of energy projects and is a fully integrated player in the field. As an independent energy producer, the Volta Group acts as a long-term partner for its customers, local authorities and companies.

Solar power plants
on buildings

The Volta Group develops, finances, builds and operates solar power plants on agricultural and commercial buildings. Volta finances the construction and renovation of the building, whose rooftop is used to operate solar power plants. Several business models and approaches are possible, for buildings between 500 and 2500 m².

The group already has more than 100 installations (a total of 10 MW) in operation in southern France. With the support of a large network of developers and local installation partners, the Volta Group is currently developing a portfolio of several hundred additional projects.

From 2021 onwards, around 100 new projects will be built each year. The goal is for the Volta Group to become one of the leaders in this market sector, and to reach 100 MW by 2025.

Wind Power

The Volta Group runs innovative projects in the development and modernisation of wind farms. With an awareness of the environmental and societal challenges of this kind of energy, the company has chosen to develop projects that align with the challenges posed by local acceptability.

The company has focused in particular on “repowering” projects aimed at optimising the potential of sites that are already in operation after an internal assessment of the potential that is present.
The first repowering project supported by the Volta Group will take place in 2022. Particular attention will be paid to the dismantling and recycling of equipment.

Photovoltaic systems in French overseas territories,
with or without storage

The Volta Group has developed significant expertise in photovoltaic projects including storage, for non-interconnected zones (ZNI). Several plants are currently in operation, notably in the Indian Ocean, in Mayotte and Mauritius.

The company is developing photovoltaic power plants with battery storage for production capacities between 1 and 5 MW.

This significant “value-added” market sector has the dual advantage of being both environmentally and economically beneficial. It develops decarbonised energy production on island areas and contributes to the energy autonomy of the territories concerned, where it replaces expensive thermal electricity generators that have a high carbon footprint.

The Volta Group operates 10 MW of green electricity and is currently developing a project portfolio featuring a further 100 MW. Projects include solar roofing and shading with storage for optimal grid integration during peak consumption periods.

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