A renewable energy developer at the heart of French territories. Present in both France and in French Overseas Territories, the Volta Group boasts more than 100 agricultural solar installations in operation and more than 100 new agricultural solar installations under construction and in development.



South West France

A programme that includes 100 solar roofs with 100 kWp
Commissioning from 2018

South East France and Corsica

A programme of 50 solar roofs with 100 kWp
Commissioning from 2019

Les Éoliennes de Bel Air

3 wind turbines (3×2.4 MW) located in Brittany
Authorisations secured for 2022 repowering

Other achievements

Indian Ocean

Petite Rivière power plant


5.0MWp ground-mounted power plant
Commissioning from 2020

Dzoumogne power plant


1.8 MWp ground-mounted plant on a landfill site
2 MWh storage
Commissioned in 2017

DJEMA 1 power plant

Mayotte International Airport

Rooftop plant – 1 MWp
0.8 MWh of storage
Commissioning from 2021

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